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5 Ways to Fix a Problematic Network Printer

Network Printer Troubleshooting

Fix Network Printer

If a normal printer stops working, it is bad. However, it is a small problem compared to a network printer acting up. A lot of work can get stalled because of this in an office setup, mainly due to the fact that more than one person depends on the machine for their printing needs. If this happens in your office, it may be time for some serious network printer troubleshooting.

Drivers play an important role in all this. When a printer is placed on a network, it is usually shared from a specific server, which gives it connectivity alongside the drivers required to function properly. However, many types of drivers exist, each matching a specific version of the OS. These also get revised and re-released over time by the manufacturer, which means using anything that is not new or proper could land you in trouble.

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Network Printer Troubleshooting Steps

  • Test the drivers: whenever you are first setting up a printer on the network, take some time to test the different drivers provided, in a control environment. Alternatively, if you are not a tech person, ask a managed services provider to do this for you. This makes it much easier to resolve any issues than, say, having to troubleshoot version incompatibility.
  • Serve up several driver options: Users need to be easily able to find a driver that suits their setup, especially if another driver has been giving them problems. This is also essential in enabling them to fix their own issues.
Printer Acting Up

Common Printer Issues

  • Printer naming: The shared printers need to be named in a way as to make it obvious what driver they are offering. Naming printers based along this standard will also ease the process of physically locating printers.
  • Research: before buying a printer, check out what kind of driver support it comes with. You should be well versed on any conflicts, which other users have encountered when using either the printer or the driver with a software.
  • Start up the queue once more: If a printer in production is experiencing problems despite having the right drivers, some of the issues can be resolved by clearing the print queue and restarting the spooler. There may be corrupt files blocking the queue.

These are some of the best ways to carry out network printer troubleshooting when there is an issue with the drivers. Make sure to call for professional help if you cannot resolve the issue by yourself.

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