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A Workaround to Convert a USB Printer to a Bluetooth Compatible One

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Non-Bluetooth Printer

Bluetooth provides a way to send documents and photos to a printer without having to manually connect it to a computer, mobile phone, or other devices through USB cables. All you need to take printouts wirelessly is a Bluetooth-enabled device that can be paired with a Bluetooth adapter that is plugged into the USB port of the printer.

Since the wireless technology standard sends data from a Bluetooth enabled device to a different one situated nearby, you can print files wirelessly in a jiffy. You can do that even on a non-Bluetooth printer by purchasing an adapter to convert the same into a Bluetooth printer. However, ensure that the Bluetooth adapter supports your specific printer model prior to buying it; you can check its packaging for that or ask the shop owner for confirmation.

How to Enable Bluetooth

Firstly, find a free USB port of the printer and connect the Bluetooth adapter to it. After that, you have to turn on Bluetooth on the device, if it is not enabled by default. For that, navigate to the Control Panel, click on the Bluetooth icon, and choose Enable. Once the printer detects the hardware, it would install the Bluetooth software that is bundled in with the adapter you have plugged into the printer.

Printer Offline Fix

Common Printer Issues

The Bluetooth software will enable the PC and the printer to recognize the adapter that you connected. In case the external hardware is not recognized, install the software in the PC by inserting its disc that came bundled in with the purchased Bluetooth adapter. You can simply follow on-screen instructions to complete the manual installation.

After that, enable Bluetooth on the compatible device to take a trial printout or to make sure the Bluetooth support enabled through the external adapter is working fine in the printer. If so, any Bluetooth compatible device such as a computer or a mobile phone should search and find the available printer as a Bluetooth device. Once the search completes, click on Pair Device on the Bluetooth-enabled device to pair it with the printer. After that, you can send files via Bluetooth to the printer and thereby satisfy your wireless printing needs as required.

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