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Common Office Printer Problems and Their Solutions

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Common Office Printer Problems

Multifunction printers are really crucial in any office. A problem or error with them is enough to make you suffer in case of both money as well as time. So, it is really critical to understand the problem that may occur to your multifunction printers and the ways to tackle it like a pro. Below are some common office printer problems and the ways to address it for an efficiently running workspace.

Connection Problem

One of the most common issues with printers is the connection problem. In this case, the printer will lose its ability to connect to your PC or other devices. Obviously, you have to find the root cause to address the issue. There are many causes for this connection error and below are the steps you must follow to detect the real issue.

  • Make sure your printer is connected properly and is turned on.
  • Try rebooting the printer by powering it down. There are many cases where printer works properly after restarting it.
  • Check for any warning or error messages on your printer. Further, ensure the proper network connection to your computer.
  • Make sure that there is enough toner in the printer and there are proper media in the selected paper tray.
  • If your printer is doing the copying and scanning works but printing, there is high chance that the problem is with your network connection or your computer. So, check the printer driver on your computer and make sure that you have installed the latest version.

Low Printing Speed

This is a major issue if your office depends on the printer for large printing jobs. However, you can tackle this issue easily by making some simple changes, such as the ones discussed below.

Network Speed

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Low Printing Speed

Check your network connection to see if it takes a long time to send your print jobs to the PC. Most people connect to their printer via Wi-Fi. However, it will affect the printing speed if you have a poor signal or an outdated network protocol. So, try to enhance your signal strength by upgrading the router or by repositioning it.

Print Quality

Most of the printers use high-quality printing mode by default, which affects the print quality and speed. Change the mode to either standard or draft mode for better performance so that your printer prints and save the resources fast. However, the image quality here will not be as good as in a high-quality mode.

Upgrade your Multifunction Printer

Upgrade your multifunction printer to the latest version for to boost up your printing speed. The modern versions can print hundreds of pages per minute and can also provide a wide variety of other security and productivity features along with them.

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