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Diagnosing and Fixing Common Laser Printer Issues

Printer Issues

Fixing Common Issues

The production of fast and quality prints is one reason why offices prefer to use laser printers. They can produce a huge volume of quality printer output within a short time. Laser printers are also cheap and have several advantages when compared to inkjet and dot matrix printer that make them particularly suited for office and home use.

Printing out large volumes of print continuously can result in several issues to develop in the printer especially among its mechanical parts. Most users report persistent issues related to the toner and the output of low-quality prints while regularly using their printer. Below are guidelines for diagnosing and fixing common laser printer issues.

Unable to Install/Remove Toner Cartridges

For most users, it is quite difficult to install or replace the toner cartridge inside the laser printer. Improper installation of the cartridges can result in preventing the normal functioning of the printer. A stuck toner cartridge is a common issue caused due to many factors such as the use of a wrong cartridge model or improper installation.

Disconnect the printer from the power source and open the cover after the device is cooled down. Pull the toner cartridge or drum unit by gently applying force to the handle of the drum by pressing against the lever, switch, or button, depending on the printer model. Use the right toner cartridge model when replacing, then gently press it into place until an audible click is heard.

Slow Printing

A slow printing is due to numerous factors either due to the failure of mechanical components or because of incorrectly configured printer software. Duplex printing, if provided by the printer, must be turned off which decreases the time required for printing. The quality setting of the printer in the printer software may be set improperly.

Common Laser Printer Issues

Frequent Paper Jams

Verify the quality of the print to find out whether it is in draft, standard or highest quality mode. Using the draft mode is preferred for quickly printing large volumes of prints with minimal usage of ink or toner. Moreover, verify if the printer driver is configured properly and update or reinstall the driver if found otherwise.

Frequent Paper Jams

Frequently occurring paper jams can be caused due to numerous issues with the printer. Misalignment of the paper in the feeding tray is the most likely cause of paper jams. Thick papers can also contribute to the issue. For cleaning a paper jam, the stuck paper must be removed from the printer.

For this, disconnect the printer and inspect the paths of the paper movement to find out the cause of the jam. If the paper is protruding from the rollers, hold the paper and gently pull it out by applying uniform pressure. In case the paper is still stuck, consult with the user manual before troubleshooting printer.

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