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Getting your Dell Printer Back Online

How To Turn Printer Online

Turn Printer Online

How to turn printer online is a widely placed search query on the internet. The printer going offline is not something you want to have to deal with at any time, least of all when you badly need to print something. Your Dell printer can do this sometimes, and when it does, you should do the following things.

How to Turn Printer Online

  • Go to Printers and Devices. You will find it in Control Panel.
  • Choose your printer form the list, and hit Manage.

Devices And Printers

  • Bring up the Properties window, and choose the Ports It will show the IP address of the printer.

Printer Properties


  • Type the number value into URL bar in your browser, making sure first that the PC and the printer are on the same network.

Printer Ports

  • You have just brought up the settings menu for the printer. A username and password may be required at this point.
  • After the page loads, head to the connectivity or network option. If the option is set to automatic, change it to manual or static.
  • If a manual IP address has not been suggested, you will have to type one in yourself. Use something similar to the original address, but raise the final number by 5 or 6. Write down this number and the MAC address somewhere, and then hit Apply or Save.
  • Type the router’s IP address in the URL bar and hit Enter. To find this number, bring up a command prompt, type in ipconfig/all, and then hit Enter.

  • One of the menu options will have an empty field for the MAC address. Type it in. You will also need to add the new IP address for the printer so that the router can communicate with it. For this, you may have to check out the user manual that came with the router.
  • Go to Device Manager once more, and see if the change in your printer’s IP address has been reflected here. If not, set it right.

That was how to turn printer online by setting a static address. This should solve your issue fairly quickly, and you can go back to taking printouts as rapidly as your printer can manage to put them out. The only thing you need to ensure besides the above is that the router does not reboot while you are carrying out these steps.

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