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How to Ensure Print Notification Not Showing on Windows XP SP2

Printer Offline Error

Common Printer Issues

After installing Windows XP’s second service pack, users tend to come across the below issues when sending a print job to a network printer:

  • The notification messages denoting print status not appearing
  • The printer’s icon not showing on Windows taskbar

The issues may happen on Windows XP when users set up an open port in the Firewall on their network connection, and configure scopes of an exception for using Custom list or My network (subnet) only settings in the dialog box titled Change Scope. Note that any of the above-mentioned issues may occur on the OS although print notifications are not disabled in the dialog box of Start Menu and Taskbar Properties. It might be set as hidden or inactive. Follow the below steps to change that, and make notification to show when sending print jobs through a printer shared over the network to a server system.

Steps to Follow

To access the setting namely Hide Inactive Icons on the notification bar, and see incase your printer is configured as Always hide, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Right-click on the taskbar of Windows XP, and click on Properties from the pop-up menu.
  • Below the above-mentioned Properties dialog box that pops up next, click on Taskbar.
  • In case Hide inactive icons checkbox is chosen in the dialog box, click on Customize button shown below Notification area.

Windows Properties

  • Below Current items, ensure the icon of Printer is configured as Always hide. In case it is set to that, change the same to Always show or Hide when inactive, and click on OK twice to confirm the changes.

Customize Notification Icons

For notifications to work remotely, the printer spooler needs an RPC channel from a server system in the network to that of the client. This channel cannot be created in case client does not have print and file sharing ports open, which happens since the Firewall treats such notifications as uninvited network traffic. When the Windows application block network traffic the server system uses polling notifications, which can cause a 20 second delay on other network computers.

For improving the performance and avoiding polling notifications, XP first double-checks the port settings of Firewall. In case the network ports are open, or its value cannot be determined, the server systems open a communication channel with client’s system. If ports are closed or in case opened with limited scope, XP falls to polling notifications. That have limitations, especially balloon notifications do not work.

If you come across printer offline error or other issues while printing on a network printer, contact our printer support professionals to resolve the same.

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