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How to Fix Error 0x00000709 in Windows

Fix Error 0x00000709

Common Printer Issues

Error 0x00000709 denotes a situation, when a user cannot configure a default printer in Windows or a different printer to one that has been already configured as default. A glitch in Windows Registry settings may cause the error to pop up or the situation where Registry prioritizes a previously assigned printer as default.

For troubleshooting printer issues such as Error 0x00000709, it is necessary to have a back up of the Windows Registry before manually modifying the settings. To take a backup, press down R key and Windows key simultaneously and key in regedit in the Run dialog box. When the dialog box of User Access Control pops up next, seeking permission to run Registry Editor as Administrator, click Yes in order to run it.

Modifying Windows Registry Settings

In Registry Editor window, navigate to File > Export, assign a name to the backup Registry file and then Save it. After that, click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER, expand Software folder, and then scroll down to and click Microsoft. After that, click to expand Windows NT and again choose Windows folder. Then, right-click on the REG key titled Device to the right side of the Windows Registry Editor, and choose Modify from the context menu that pops up.

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Fix Error 0x00000709

Now assign the name of your default printer device, which you want to configure in Windows PC. Note that while configuring the name of the printer, you should leave the string of text following it denoting the spooler as just that without editing.

In case Windows sends a prompt such as Cannot Edit Device, click OK upon prompt, right-click on Windows folder to the left side of the Registry Editor, and select Permissions to expand it. This will launch Permissions for Windows dialog box. In that window, select Full Control option under the heading titled Permissions for Everyone.

Run Printer as Administrator in Windows

If that fails to resolve the Error 0x00000709, click on the Start button, search for Devices and Printers, and open it on the Control Panel. Once the Devices and Printers opens up on screen, right-click the printer name and choose See What’s Printing. Then, choose Open As Administrator in the print queue window and choose Set as Default Printer in the next menu that reveals itself.

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