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How to Fix Faulty Ink Cartridge in Inkjet Printers

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Faulty Ink Cartridge

The ink cartridges smear the ink on to the paper in a controlled manner to create the impression of a text or image. It contains numerous microscopic nozzles that fire the ink in a steady stream to form an image on the paper. As a heavy-duty component, the ink cartridges are prone to numerous issues that can affect the functioning of the entire printer. Mostly, the cartridges can fail that causes the production of low quality faded and blotched printouts. It can even cause the printer to develop errors and stop printing altogether.

However, there are some ways to clear the issue with a bad ink cartridge. These methods can restore the normal functioning of the cartridge so that they offer efficient ink delivery during printing. The only thing required is to carefully follow the guidelines mentioned in the printer’s operating manual or the instructions given on the printer manufacturer’s website. Below are some effective ways to fix faulty ink cartridge in an inkjet printer.

Carry Print Head Alignment and Cleaning

fix faulty ink cartridge

Carry Print Head Alignment

A faulty ink cartridge can lead to deterioration of the print quality. It can result in faded printouts with several blotches, stripes, lines, and smears on the printout. These are usually caused by the improper alignment of the print head. Every printer comes with utility software that can execute different tasks like print head alignment and cleaning. Carrying out print head alignment and cleaning by following the onscreen instructions along with test printouts will likely resolve the issue.

Inspect the Cartridges for Any Damages

A physical inspection of the ink cartridges can actually determine if it has any surface damages or not. Any damage to the cartridge can cause its delicate interior components to malfunction. The ink stored in its container can also drain out from a damaged ink cartridge causing spillage and blotches during printouts. Inspect the cartridge and make sure that the electrical contacts and the nozzle section are intact without any obstructions.

Look for the Error Codes

Faulty ink cartridges will result in several error codes to appear on the computer screen. These error codes are actually programmed in the printer for helping the user identify the problem and take the required action. A bad ink cartridge can cause the generation of certain error codes that can be identified by looking at the operating manual or the manufacturer’s website. If the cartridge is causing the whole printer to stop printing, it is best to replace the cartridge and have the printer serviced by a qualified technician.

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