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How to Fix the Grinding Noise in an HP Deskjet Printer

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Grinding Noise In Printer

Everyone has experienced some problem or the other with their printer, which is why manufacturers put up information regarding the steps they can take to resolve common issues. A lot of the times, troubleshooting printer problems takes little more than cursory computer know-how and adherence to procedural steps. Below is the procedure for fixing the grinding noise coming out of your HP deskjet printer.

Troubleshooting Printer Problems Such as Grinding Noise

  • Turn it on. If you are dealing with the 3820, 5500, or 6000 series, open the cover and make sure the carriage is placed at the center. If not, you will need to take out the power cable first.
  • If the carriage moves to the middle or the service stations lowers, take out the cartridges. Look inside for broken parts. If the carriage did not move to the middle, try manually sliding it there.
  • Close the printer cover.
  • Refer to the relevant support document online to see how the cartridge can be unlocked from the right-hand side of the printer.
  • Take out the rear access-door. Alternatively, remove the two-sided printing apparatus, and see if any paper has jammed anywhere. Remove the obstructions you find.
  • Troubleshooting Printer Issues

    Common Printer Issues

    Double-check the paper. This is to make sure that the carriage is left on the right-hand side of the printer. Turn the rear guide rollers in the upward direction five times, and then down four. If you are unable to move this, then release the top cover and move the carriage towards the right (assuming it is not already there and can be moved). Try rolling the rollers once more, this time pushing the clutch inwards. If this does not work, move on to the next step.

  • Put back the rear access door part, or the two-sided printing part. Replace the top cover where it was originally.
  • Plug in the power cable.
  • Turn on the printer, and put the cartridges back in place. If you can move the carriage, but the grinding has not stopped, the problem may be with the paper feed. If it is the carriage that does not move, then there is something wrong with the carriage stall.
  • Install the cartridge, and then if you see the solid power light on the printer run a self-test to see if it is working right.

For help with troubleshooting printer issues such as this or others, call 844-204-2153. Our certified experts are skilled and experienced at troubleshooting printer problems in minimal time.

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