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How to Resolve Common Printer Connectivity Issues

Printer Issues

Common Printer Connectivity Issues

A printer requires a computer to format the document for printing and in regulating many of its crucial settings. The two devices work together to execute printing applications smoothly since it is a two-way connection. This allows the printer to communicate with the computer about its status and any printing errors. Failure in this connection can result in the printer to stop working altogether.

This common printer error can cause the printer to stop printing as well as accept any commands from the computer. Diagnosing this issue is the first step in resolving it and thereby restoring the normal functioning of the printer. Below is how to resolve common printer connectivity issues.

Updating the Printer Drivers

Printer drivers are software installed on a computer that allows them to communicate with the printer. Mostly, these printer drivers are the cause of this connectivity issue to develop. Changes to the configuration of the computer or its operating system are one of the reasons why the drivers fail.

In such cases, it is recommended to download the latest version from the website of the printer manufacturer. For this, it is better to remove the older driver version and reinstall it with the fresh version for restoring the connection between the printer and the computer.

Checking Wired or Wireless Connections

Mostly, a loose cable is likely to blame for connectivity issues between a printer and computer. This can prevent the data signals from getting properly transferred between the two devices. If loose cables are the case, the connectivity issue can be resolved quickly by unplugging the cables and then fastening them tightly at the ports of the printer and the computer.

Common Printer Connectivity Issues

Checking Wireless Connections

In case of a wireless printer, issues with the router can affect the communication and data flow between the two devices. This issue can be resolved in Windows computers by making sure that the printer is connected to the network in the Devices and Printers option. The connection needs to be re-established as specified by the operating manual if the printer is absent on the network.

Verifying Printer Status

The status of the printer is another reason for connectivity issues. The printer can cease printing if it has run out of ink or toner and has an open tray. Additionally, if a paper jam occurs inside the printer, it can stop printing altogether and the only way to resolve this is by clearing it.

Pending documents can also prevent the printer from responding to new requests. This can be resolved by canceling all the pending tasks and sending it to the printer again.

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