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How to Save on Costs from Laser Printers

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Common Printer Issues

Laser printers are a common feature in homes and offices these days. While they provide better print quality, this comes with increased printing costs. Most manufacturers hold that you should only use original toner cartridges if you want good print quality, but it is seen that aftermarket products can pull off pretty much the same trick. Following are some ways you can save on printing expenditure other than troubleshooting printer issues, especially concerning consumables.

Adjusting Printer Settings

  • When you are making prints, it is sensible practice to use Draft Mode so that you save on toner. The high-resolution print mode is only needed when you are making the final print.
  • Wherever possible use the black and white or grayscale when printing draft copies. Additionally, it is good to proofread the copy you have printed before you make the final printout in full color.
  • When defects appear, and if the print is of dull quality, see whether you can replace the drum before finally turning to replacing the whole cartridge. This should be enough to bring down the printing expenses.

Get Compatible Cartridges

You can get new cartridge units that work with specific laser printers, but which are brought out by third party manufacturers. A compatible cartridge is essentially the same as the original, and goes for half as much as OEM in the retail market.

Get Remanufactured Cartridges

Adjusting Printer Settings

Adjusting Printer Settings

This is a good option, because the remanufactured unit contains old and yet working parts, which can be put to good use at a lower expense. These are put together and tested, so that they can give the same performance as the original cartridge.

Refill Kits

You may have empty toner cartridges inside storage, which are doing nothing but taking up space and collecting dust. Reactivate these for use in another printing cycle. This can be done with a toner refill kit, which comes with detailed instructions on how to do the refill. Most modern cartridges can be refilled in under 5 minutes, and the refill kit comes at just $15. Still, you get 2,500 pages inside 5% coverage. You can fill most OEM cartridges up to 3 times.

Multi-pack toner refill kits are a great way to go, allowing you to save money by buying in bulk. This way you can remove your need for costly toner cartridges, which is a much-needed move in offices where the printing costs have already gone up through the roof.

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