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How to Troubleshoot an Inability to Print a Web Page on Firefox

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Common Printer Issues

Many of the printer issues are caused by improperly configured setting, faulty system files, etc. Still, people look for ways for troubleshooting printer problems even if the printing system is not to be blamed. For instance, Mozilla Firefox has its own codes and settings to respond to a print command from the users. In fact, the inability to print a web page or print preview page on Firefox may be caused due to the browser settings not matching the printing requirements.

Check Page Settings on Mozilla Firefox

Make the below changes to Firefox settings, and proceed to print the web page subsequently.

  • Open the web page you want to print on the browser, click the menu button on its toolbar area, and choose Print option from the pop-up list.

Printing Options

  • Then, the window of print preview will appear. Under that window, ensure that the page orientation is set as Portrait and Scale is configured as Shrink to fit.
  • After that, click Page Setup and choose the tab titled Margins and Headers or Footer.
  • Ensure that Margin Settings in the respective section are configured to its default values, which tends to be 0.5 inches or 12.7 mm.
  • Now, click OK on the Page Setup window, and navigate back to Print Preview to choose Print Upon the user command, a new window will pop up.
  • In the window of Print, ensure that printer name is correct. Also, check that Print to File is not selected.

Reset the Printer Settings on Firefox

Apart from the page setup settings of Mozilla Firefox, even printer settings configured on the browser may lead to errors in printing a web page. Follow the steps mentioned hereunder to troubleshoot any issues due to printer settings of the web browser.

  • On Firefox’s address bar, key in about:config and hit Enter key
  • You might see a warning page on the browser prompting you to click on I Accept the Risk Click that to proceed.

Firefox Address Bar

  • In the about:config page’s search field, look for print_printer
  • Right-click on the setting and choose Reset.

Mozila Configuration Page

  • After that, exit Firefox by clicking on its menu button. Then, restart the browser to see if you can print the web page now.

If you still face the same issue, you should get in touch with our browser support technicians for troubleshooting printer problems. You can call our experts on the toll-free number listed above or start a live chat session now for a quick response.

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