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How to Troubleshoot Insufficient Memory in a PostScript Printer

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Troubleshoot Insufficient Memory

Troubleshooting printer issues in Windows can be a breeze, especially if the common errors do not require the users to try out some complex steps to resolve it. Even if you have tried printing a document on a PostScript printer and have come across an “Insufficient Memory” error message, there are workarounds to fix that.

The error is exactly what it says; the print job you have initiated in a PostScript printer demands more memory from the device. Otherwise, the printout will turn out with an incomplete portion that suggests that the printer has run out of memory so to speak. For instance, if the to-be-printed document has a TrueType font that is downloaded as a Type42 font, the printer memory might not be sufficient enough to apply the font in native, TrueType format. The printer tries to allocate some space for the font, but it will eventually overrun its memory and display the error message.

For troubleshooting printer issues in PostScript software, firstly you will need to add memory to the device. To get some information about how to add memory to a PostScript printer, view the user manual that came bundled with it. Until you expand the memory of such printers that do the job with PostScript software, you will need a workaround for an insufficient error message that pops up in its control panel or Windows PC.

Workaround for Insufficient Memory Error in PostScript Printers

To work around the issue, you need to optimize the PostScript print job in a way the printer can deliver the output going forward. For that, try configuring the TrueType Font Download option to how it is shown in the below steps.

  • Sign in to Windows PC with an administrative account.
  • Click on the Start button, search for Control Panel, and search for and open Devices and Printers or Printers and Faxes.

Devices And Printers

  • Right-click on the PostScript printer and select Properties in the pop-up folder.

Printer Properties

  • Click on the Printing Preferences option, choose Layout, and select Advanced.

 Printing Preferences

  • Double-click on PostScript Options, and click on the said native Font Download
  • Click on Automatic in the checkbox of TrueType Font Download In case that is selected earlier, click on Bitmap or Outline instead.

PostScript Options

  • Save the settings, and close the Printer Properties and Control Panel

In case you find any difficulty in troubleshooting printer issues following the above-mentioned steps, get in touch with a reliable printer support team for a timely response.

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