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How to Troubleshoot PDF File Printing Problems

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

PDF Printing Problems

The first thing to do if the printer fails to give a printout of a document is to double-check the connections are working fine. So, before troubleshooting printer issues related to PDF files, you should unplug the printer cable from a USB hub and plug it directly into your computer’s USB port. After that, turn off the printer and restart it after thirty seconds to retry printing the PDF file.

Apart from that, make sure that the printer driver and Adobe software are up-to-date. If not, download and install the latest updates from the printer manufacturer and Adobe website and restart the PC after that. If you cannot print a PDF document despite trying the said steps, follow the below steps for troubleshooting the PDF printing issues.

Print as Image

That can happen if a PDF file is either corrupt or has damaged content like fonts or images that Acrobat failed to process while printing. In fact, if the PDF is converted from other document files, it may be corrupt. Still, you can bypass that in the software by sending the print job as an image to the printer. Follow the below steps for that.

  • Select the PDF file, choose Print, and click on Advanced Note that Advanced button’s location varies on Adobe Acrobat compared to Adobe Reader.

Advanced Printing Options

  • Under the Advanced Print Setup dialog box, put a tick mark next to Print as Image If you are using Adobe Reader, you can see that option on the bottom left of Advanced Print Setup. However, if you are printing the PDF file via Adobe Acrobat, the said option can be seen under the Settings heading to the top of the Advanced Print Setup dialog box.

Print As Image

  • After selecting Print as Image, click on OK to close the dialog box, and again to confirm printing.

Reconvert the PDF File

If you cannot print as image, then try recreating the PDF file from its source file. For that;

  • Open the source file on its respective software program, be it a page layout or a word processing program.
  • Select File from its toolbar or menu bar, click on Print and save it as PDF in the system.
  • Open the new PDF file, and retry printing it.

If you still face the issue, or need help with any other printer problems, get in touch with tech support professionals for troubleshooting printer issues on Windows or other operating systems.

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