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How to Troubleshoot the B200 Error on a Canon Inkjet Printer

Canon Printer Support

Advanced Troubleshooting Step

The Error B200 in certain Canon printers suggests a probable hardware issue associated with the printhead or even the printer. If printing gets blocked due to the error, turn off the Canon printer for an hour or more, unplug its power cable, open up the cover, and check for objects that clog the printhead such as paper clips. Remove such foreign objects in case you happen to see it, and turn on the printer by closing its cover.

In case that fails to resolve the B200 error, you would have to get in touch with printer service professionals to manually clean the printhead or clear any probable hardware issues. Note that not all such errors get resolved to perfection since Canon printer models vary, but they have a high success rate in certain printer models.

Try cleaning the printhead manually first, and if that fails to resolve Error B200, run a nozzle check in the second step. However, it is advisable to get in touch with Canon printer support technicians if you have any doubts on performing printhead cleaning manually.

Steps for Manual Cleaning of Canon Printhead

  • Turn off the Canon printer and disconnect its power cords. Proceed with the cleaning only after the printer is cooled down.
  • Open up the printer cover that lets you see the ink cartridges. Take off the printhead along with the cartridges.
  • Run a test print to see if it adjusts the alignment of the printhead automatically. There will be an option for Auto Head Alignment on the Canon printer’s control panel menu. The steps to access that setting will be mentioned in Canon printer’s user manual; so print a test page after the cleaning.

Advanced Troubleshooting Step

For this, you need on an internet-enabled Windows PC logged in as an administrator.

  • Download and update the drivers from the Canon printer support website, and do the same for the bundled in printer utility software.
  • Click on Start button on desktop, search for Devices and Printers, and open it.
  • Under the Control Panel window that pops up next, right-click on the Canon printer icon and choose Properties.

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

  • Choose Maintenance in the next window and click on Deep Cleaning.
  • Perform a Nozzle Check once deep printhead cleaning is completed.

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