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Some Common Printer Problems and Their Fixes

Printer Issues

Common Printer Problems

Printers are useful peripheral devices that can be great when they work without any issues. When they do not work though, troubleshooting them can prove to be a frustrating task. There are many types of printers available in the market and they can run reliably for years. However, printers can stop working or malfunction due to many reasons.

The reason for the malfunctioning can be a simple one or a complex one. Many printer users do not use their inkjet printers often these days. This can make the ink to dry and block the nozzles of the printer. In addition, hair bands, paper clips, or even food items can fall into printers leading to paper jams and other issues. Below are some common printer problems that you may encounter while using a printer.

Printer Will not Print

There can be many causes for your printer to malfunction and it will be a wiser idea to start from the basics. When your printer is refusing to work, you can look for error messages or warning lights. If there are no warning lights, you need to make sure that there is paper in the tray and the ink cartridge of the printer is not empty. In addition, check if the USB cable is plugged in. If you are using a wireless printer, make sure that it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Another idea is to use a USB cable to connect your wireless printer.

Cannot Print From Tablet or Phone

Common Printer Problems

AirPrint Feature Support

You need to keep in mind that to print from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, the printer need to be wireless and should support AirPrint. Many wireless printers support AirPrint feature, however, the older models might not support the feature. Therefore, if you are unable to print from your iPad, iPhone or any other Apple device, the first thing to verify is that your printer support AirPrint. In case of Android devices, you may use the Google Cloud Print feature. You just need to install the Google Cloud Print on your mobile device from Play Store.

Empty Cartridges

Modern printers will warn the user that the ink is running out. For a home user, the ink cartridge can last for a few weeks. It will be a wise idea to order new cartridges as soon as the printer show the message that the ink is almost finished. However, install the new cartridge only when the printer stops printing or when the colors fade. You can replace the cartridge once the printer is out of ink.

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