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Things to Do When the Network Does Not Detect your Printer

Network Printer Troubleshooting

Printer Network Issue

Printing from a network can sometimes be a hassle, such as when the print does not work. Often this is because the network does not detect the machine. You can solve this issue through some basic network printer troubleshooting.

It is Not Connected

Make sure the printer is connected to the power outlet. You will see the green light if it is. If it is shared, it will also be displayed in the PC’s task bar. If not, do the following:

  • Restart the printer and see if it connects.
  • Unplug the power and plug it back in, and see if that works.
  • See that the connection setup is done right.

The Consumables

Is there paper in the tray? Have you run out of toner or ink? Make sure these settings are the way they should be. Check the front panel display to see if the level of toner or ink is too low. Stock up accordingly, and see that paper has not gotten jammed.

Network Connection

Your printer may be connected over Wi-Fi or network cable. See that this is set up correctly. Check the proper cables, or the Wi-Fi network’s password. This is part of basic network printer troubleshooting. Maybe the Wi-Fi password has been changed and the printer was not reconnected after that.

Paused Queue

There is a software for every printer that lets you mange print jobs, including cancelling the ones in queue. When printing from the office network, users can cancel jobs that are in the queue, in case the device gets bogged down from excessive jobs. Open up the printer management software and check the status of the queue. Free this up by cancelling or restarting jobs.

Old Printer Software

Printer Management

Common Printer Issues

Old printer software can create problems when you are trying to make a print. The right driver is needed to send document data over the network. Update as frequently as possible, and especially if you have recently updated your OS.

Printer Sharing is Disabled

People often overlook this factor during network printer troubleshooting. The File and Printer Sharing option needs to be enabled for the network, which the printer is connected to. This is the only way the PC can access the printers. So for that to work right, turn the feature on and see if that helps.

These are some things, which you can do to resolve printer issues on a network. Call 844-204-2153 for advanced printer support if you need it.

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