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Tips for Troubleshooting Printer Problems in Windows 10

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Common Printer Issues

Windows 10 is a robust operating system, although some users still encounter issues after having upgraded to it during the first year. One of the common printer problems with upgrading your OS is the resulting lack of printer support. Sometimes, even supported printer models don’t work the way they should. New operating systems are also known for not having drivers for old printers.

If your printer has stopped working all of a sudden, follow the steps outlined below for troubleshooting printer problems in Windows 10.

  • Go to Control Panel: Use the troubleshooting tools, which Windows 10 provides. Look for printers in the Windows 10 search box, and choose Devices and Printers out of the results that show. This will bring up the Devices and Printers
  • Troubleshoot your printer: Find your printer in the list, and if it is there, right click and select Troubleshoot from the context menu. Follow the prompts shown on the screen that comes up. This may not always work, but sometimes it does.
  • Printer Support

    Printer Stopped Working

    See if the printer is installed: If the troubleshooting in the above step did not do the trick for you, the nest thing to do is check if the printer has been installed. Go to Start, then open Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners. If your printer is not listed in the main window, choose Add a Printer or Scanner, and wait for some time so the OS can detect the printer on its own. Just be sure the printer is connected and powered on.

  • Ask Windows 10 to look for an older printer: If in the above step your printer was detected, you can just follow the instructions shown to install it. If it is not, then choose The Printer I That I Want Isn’t Listed. There will be five options shown, and out of these, four will be for adding a network-shared printer. For a local printer, choose My Printer is a Little Older. Help Me Find It. Hit Next. Your PC will again be searched for any connected printers.
  • If the above steps did not work, you can try separately downloading the driver for the printer off the internet and running it.
  • Use the Windows 8 driver: There may not be a specific Windows 10 driver, which is out for your printer. This can be because the company has dropped support. Try installing the Windows 8 driver instead, as this may work.

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