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Tips to Avoid Bottlenecks in Network Printing

Network Printer Troubleshooting

Test Driver Versions

A network printer is connected to a server system. It is the server, which accepts the print jobs or printing queries sent from end users’ computers or printer drivers in network printing. A network may have uniform PCs with same version of Windows. However, since there are many versions of printer drivers as well, chances are that a corrupt driver version installed may conflict with printer driver on the server. If so, below are the tips to make the most of network printing.

Test the Driver Versions for Right Configurations

When adding a new laser printer on a network, get in touch with the system admin. If you do not have one in your small business, get in touch with tech professionals to test whether printer drivers are running smoothly. It is better to take precaution when adding a printer to a distributed network environment instead of having to rely on network printer troubleshooting on an ad-hoc basis. Tech professionals always resolve minor printer errors due to settings configuration issues or corrupt driver.

Perform Preliminary Research to Avoid Conflicts

Prior to purchasing a laser printer to hook up into a network, ensure printer driver supports with other systems. Ensure you have sufficient knowledge about the type of conflicts seen on end user’s printers, its corresponding driver or on a software program, which enables remote printer redirection (RDE) on the server or client systems. Knowing about the conflicts will help you to troubleshoot the issue remotely and resume productive printing.

Cancel the Print Queue and Retry Printing

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Cancel Print Queue

If you have printers running with the right drivers and still face networking printing issues at office, an easy way to troubleshoot a particular one is to cancel the print queue from the printer spooler and restart the software. Sometimes, corrupt system 32 programs may cause bottlenecks in network printing. Spooler is one, and it manages the varying printing needs of IT professionals by letting them prioritize their printing tasks, including initiating print command and cancelation.

Reboot the Printer When in Doubt

If you are a rookie to network printing, contacting professionals in printer troubleshooting will be best for optimum printing. Oftentimes, a network printer issue may derive from a lost IP address or a network setting due to a power glitch. Rebooting the printer might resolve that situation.

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