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Shakira settles ice cold score with pique song becomes mega success

Shakira's new song is peppered with numerous juicy accusations against her ex,

When it came to light in the summer of 2022 that GerardPique had allegedly cheated on singer Shakira after an eleven-year relationship, the musician initially remained silent. Now, however, she reckoned with him as hard as nails.

Shakira's new song is peppered with numerous spicy accusations against her ex,

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Credit score ranges what do they mean?

Credit score ranges: What do they mean?

Calculated with a formula based on variables such as payment history, length of credit and amount owed, your credit score can affect the interest rate you pay to a lender and even the difference between a loan being approved or rejected. Read on to learn a few credit score basics, and what scores in a variety of areas can mean for your future borrowing needs.

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Sec retly failing how sec is failing crypto

SEC-retly failing: How the SEC is failing crypto

When Gary Gensler (ex-friend and financial investor of Goldman Sachs) was actually introduced as the new scalp of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in February 2021, the crypto market found an opportunity. Finally, the guy in charge of moderating the market was actually a "crypto native" who had actually led a training program on the subject at MIT. A few years later, however, it's very clear that Gary was actually a major frustration to the market, as the SEC failed to detect primary frauds and protect capitalists.

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Commerzbank secures multi-billion dollar mortgage sale

Frankfurt (Reuters) – Commerzbank is taking a big step forward in winding down its legacy assets, selling the remains of its former mortgage subsidiary Eurohypo in Britain, which has been in the shop window for some time, to U.S. major bank Wells Fargo and financial investor Lone Star.

At issue are five billion euros worth of mostly well-performing commercial real estate loans, as well as the entire operating business on the island, Commerzbank said Monday. It's one of the biggest deals the European real estate sector has seen since the financial crisis.

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Cyprus hopes for russian loan church offers all its money

The island republic is heading for financial doom. The Cypriot parliament has rejected the planned compulsory levy on bank deposits. This also invalidates the international aid package put together by the euro partners at the weekend.

Innsbruck/Nicosia – Cyprus lurches ever faster toward the abyss. The parliament of the Mediterranean island rejected on Tuesday evening the controversial compulsory levy for bank customers, which is a prerequisite for aid payments of the European partners and the IMF in the amount of ten billion euros. 36 MPs voted against the levy, 19 abstained. One of the 56 people's representatives was not present. Conservative President Nikos Anastasiades' ruling party also abstained, although it had agreed to the mandatory levy in Brussels.

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