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Why You Should Consider Choosing SSL Certificate Through HostSailor

SSL certificate is a product that makes a website more secure. When surfing the web, you must have seen a browser warning that reads, ‘Your connection is not private’. It may appear in the event that the site’s digital certificate is unavailable or no longer valid. It is stored as a file on the webserver that hosts that website. Each site requires this certificate to secure visitor information, and keep malicious parties from making a bogus version of it.

You can purchase it as a standalone product or in the form of an add-on in your web hosting package. Reputable web hosts such as HostSailor offers it. With the Dubai-based website hosting services vendor, you have the option to purchase it in one of those two ways. It offers the product of some certificate providers, including the cheap Comodo SSL vendor. Here are the reasons to have it through the web hosting company.

To Improve Your Website Security

The main purpose to have the certificate in place is to make your site more secure. It is what protects confidential data transferred from and to that site, including sign-in credentials and payment details. Think of the certificate as a symbol of trust added to your site. The web host can help you to have it.

To Build User Trust

Almost every top web browser presently tags sites without an SSL certificate as unsafe. When it is available for your site, each visitor should see a ‘padlock’ symbol on the URL bar of their web browser. It not only shows that there is an encrypted connection between your site and the browser but also presents you as a trustworthy business. This will help you to gain more trust from visitors. Some of them are likely to be your potential customers, so even an SSL can make or break your business.

To Protect Every Subdomain

When it comes to a usual SSL implementation, different certificates should be installed per subdomain for your website. That said, a specific form of secured socket layer certificate termed a ‘wildcard’ enables securing both the primary domain and each of the subdomains you possess. The web hosting provider based in the city of Dubai also has wildcard certificates of some different SSL providers for sale. It is particularly beneficial for a big site that has many subdomains.

What Makes HostSailor VPS Hosting An Attractive Service

HostSailor is a web hosting service provider. It offers many different services, including VPS hosting. This is a scalable service, meaning it can also get bigger as your site grows. It involves running websites on virtualized servers. The physical server of the web host is split into a number of virtual servers using technologies such as KVM, XEN, and OpenVZ. This way, each website on the physical server may have dedicated resources for it according to how the web host offers the service.

A server that relies on dedicated resources will possibly be unaffected by the so-called ‘bad neighbor effect’. In this situation, a website on a shared web server has considerable incoming traffic, so it uses more computing resources of the physical system. This negatively affects every other website on the server too. It usually happens in a shared hosting environment. However, it is possible to deal with the situation with powerful computing resources that web hosts such as HostSailor offer.

Nevertheless, it will not affect any website on the virtual machines of the company. So when you want to upgrade from shared hosting, its VPS hosting might just be a suitable option for you. It will give extra computing power to operate your site and web applications, plus the option to set up further apps and change these to suit your needs. The company lets you choose more memory and storage for that website accordingly. For instance, you can scale it up when your website sees an uptick in traffic or it has to run intricate web applications.

You also have the option to obtain add-ons, like cPanel, more IP addresses, and further bandwidth, for the hosting service of the provider. The IPv6 and IPv4-enabled web servers of it operate quickly, enabling you to have the sort of website performance you require, to manage significant traffic.

The VPS hosting plans have competitive prices and the sort of features that do not compromise your site’s overall performance. Another notable aspect of the web host is that it does not need clients to sign any agreement. So it suits a client who wishes not to make any commitment with their web host.

Another feature that makes it one of the best VPS hosting providers is that it offers technical support all day and all night. So you can communicate with its support personnel regarding any server issue whenever required.

Types of VPS Hosting Provided By HostSailor


VPS Hosting Providers

Customers usually choose VPS hosting as it offers superior performance and data security without costing as much as a dedicated hosting package. HostSailor takes pride in the fact that it is a web hosting service provider, which offers affordable packages to help businesses grow their web presence. The company aims to provide site visitors with the best possible browsing experience.

To help their clients’ website visitors achieve this goal, HostSailor provides best VPS hosting plans with top features. Below, we will explore what their VPS service offers you and what sort of experience to expect from every single plan. The company has categorized VPS hosting into three based on the virtualization platform used to divide one physical server into separate virtual machines.


OpenVZ refers to the OS-level virtualization technology from Virtuozzo. It enables running many virtual private servers on one physical machine. This package is ideal for people who are comfortable using the Linux operating system, and it is the most affordable package which the web host provides.

You have many OpenVZ packages to pick from, and these plans have different resource capabilities, including different storage space, RAM, and bandwidth. The basic package without unnecessary extras has a fair amount of memory, bandwidth, and disk space. The most expensive plan of the lot offers 8 GB of RAM, 8 terabyte of bandwidth and 180 GB of HDD storage. You can choose an SSD storage hosting plan as well. Both SSD and HDD storage options come with 24/7 customer support and guaranteed uptime, as well as promises high performance.


Best VPS Hosting

Web Hosting Providers

This is the top of the line VPS hosting solution that HostSailor offers for Windows OS and Linux OS. Those who go for this service can look forward to getting high performance. This is because it does not have proxy architecture, helping users get more from their operating system. Besides, the customer of this form of web hosting will not require extra drivers.


This package is for Linux users who understand the way to set up the kernel of their server. With it, you will be able to run many OSs on the very same system simultaneously. You can expect complete access to diverse types of file system, Linux firewall utility namely ip tables, and more swap file space compared to disk space. You will also have complete control of your server backup schedule.