Half an hour of horror a mortgage too heavy to bear

The volleyball players of VfL Oythe have suffered their sixth defeat of the season in the 2. League cashed.

Oyther block work against Berlin: from left, setter Anne Jansen, Sandra Hovels and Johanna Fragge, who later took over the libero position. Photo: Schikora

Oyther block work against Berlin: from left, setter Anne Jansen, Sandra Hovels and Johanna Fragge, who later took over the libero position. Photo: Schikora

He paced up and down in front of the bank, he ranted like a bully, he was "really angry" and shook his head several times. There's no question Ali Hobst suffered the agony of a distraught coach for a sentence and a half on Saturday night and stood there "like a watered poodle," as he said later, when the spook was over. Creepy was what the coach of the volleyball players of VfL Oythe between 19.15 and 19.45 o'clock to see got. Half an hour of horror. But there were other moments, too, the beautiful sides of the game. Phases in which Hobst clenched his fist, in which he praised and spurred on, in which he saw what he wanted to see. But in the end it was not enough. VfL Oythe lost the ghost home match against BBSC Berlin with 1:3. It was the sixth defeat in the seventh game of the season, Oythe thus remains second to last in the 2. Bundesliga North.

19:25, 12:25, 25:21, 25:27 – after 99 minutes Oythe's hopes for their second win of the season had come to an end after the 3:2 at RC Sorpesee. "We can do better," said Hobst after the game and added: "It's a pity that we always shoot ourselves out as a team. We had phases again with it, in which we lose the head and the structure."The fact that a large part of the Oyther team has not been long in the 2. Bundesliga plays, however, was once again not to be overlooked. Hobst, however, did not look for alibis: "Of course, a team like Berlin is clearly superior to us in terms of life and playing experience, but nevertheless we had our chances. I always want the maximum performance that is possible at the moment. And we have reached that too rarely today."

But everything in order: The first set, which Oythe could only win in Sorpesee before and otherwise had to cede to the opponent five times, went quite well at first. Oythe turned a 9:11 into a 13:11, shortly afterwards VfL led 16:13 and 17:14. "It was not nice. We didn't play well, but we were ahead," said Hobst. And then it began, the half hour of horror mentioned at the beginning of this article. The reception was shaky, the blocking failed, attacks ended up far out. What was a "chain of unfortunate situations" (Hobst) for the rest of the first set, developed into a tangible crisis in the second period. "I have absolutely no understanding for the performance," Hobst complained about the 12:25.

Hobst complains about "carelessness on the field"

His team offered little resistance, the body language was "just bad", the Oyther level of play had nothing to do with 2. League to do. Hobst was annoyed by the "carelessness on the field" and said, "I was angry because we always make the same mistakes."Berlin took ice-cold advantage – led by Alina Gottlebe-Frohlich, who at 40 is the second oldest player in the 2. Liga Nord after Ostbevern's libera Andrea Mersch-Schneider (50) is. And from the 28-year-old Kummer twins Katharina (pass) and Annika (libera), who have been the most effective Oythe players for a decade in the 2. Playing league at top level.

19:25 and 12:25 – everything pointed to a quick 0:3. But Oythe came back. A crashing block right at the beginning of the third set was something of a starting signal. Oythe played much more stable – also a merit of Johanna Fragge, who took over the libero position and brought consistency into the reception. Consequence: There was more structure in the attack, paired with more penetrating power. Oythe dictated the third set, reduced the score to 1:2 and also acted in the fourth section on a par with the runners-up of the aborted season. Christine Aulenbrock and Franka Poniewaz, with 18 and. 15 direct points the most effective Oyther attackers on Saturday night, kept their team in the race for a long time. Oy-the also fended off three match points, but it was no longer enough for a tiebreak. Conclusion of Hobst: "We are just too sweet, too well-behaved. I lack that bite, to want to show it to the opponent."