Loans for pensioners

Many credit institutions have strict requirements for the potential borrower for the granting of a loan. Especially pensioners have a hard time getting a suitable lender who will provide them with the desired amount of money. The reason for the difficulty to get a loan as a pensioner is the advanced age and therefore the correspondingly higher risk of death. Even with small sums one comes up against the limits here.

However, there are also credit institutions that offer loans for pensioners and thus also the older society offers opportunities to expand the financial scope. With a comparison, pensioners thus also have the opportunity to inquire about the requirements of the credit institutions, which can vary from lender to lender.

Age limits on loans for retirees

To get a loan for pensioners you do not have to meet any special criteria. The social status of the pensioner is enough. However, some banks or stock exchanges have introduced a certain age limit as a requirement. As a rule, there is no age limit, but exceptions have stipulated that the borrower may be, for example, a maximum of 70 or 75 years old. This age limit is indefinite and can be set by each institution itself.

Age limits, however, exist only in a few cases and most providers make let out these requirements. With a comparison you can see the age limits and directly exclude the ANbieter, which are not eligible.

Short terms

To enable pensioners to repay the loan amount quickly, many banks offer short maturities. For loan amounts between 1.000 Euro and 75.000 euro this is very advantageous. However, as a pensioner, you should also pay attention to the annual percentage rate of charge, which is not low. With a loan for pensioners can therefore also pensioners in the short term a financially expensive dream to fulfill and still enjoy life.

The loan amount can be repaid in 12 months, but also in 84 months. Here, an individual agreement with the bank before taking out the loan is helpful.

Some banks also make demands on the pensioner how long the term of the loan should be. Again, age plays a fundamental role.

Clear comparison of different providers

It makes sense for pensioners in any case to consult a comparison. For this purpose, there are numerous portals on the Internet, which compare various providers with the specific requirements and conditions. Age limits that are exceeded can be directly hidden with a comparison and only the really relevant providers are compared with each other.

Almost nowhere do interest rates differ as significantly as in the case of loans for retirees, which is why a comparison can mean financial savings here as well.

Loan calculator on comparison sites

In order to make the most accurate calculation possible, the portals where you can make a comparison also offer loan calculators. In this case, the loan amount is taken as the starting point. The term can be determined individually and the monthly installments over the entire term are offset against the interest rates of the respective providers. Thus one receives immediately an overview which monthly repayments with the respective offerers of a credit for pensioners as financial load on the borrower to come.

Details and information can be called up directly if the offer appeals to the person making the comparison. If one gives, for example, the net loan amount of 15.000 euros one with a term of 48 months one receives with a provider with an APR of 2.49% one receives as monthly expenses 328.39 euros. All costs incurred are included and the providers listed directly below each other.

So pensioners can effectively compare which credit institutions come into question and which credit institutions offer the cheapest conditions.

Even in old age, life is far from over and many pensioners still want to fulfill some wishes. Unfortunately, in some cases the hard saved money is not enough and the only way out is a loan from the bank.

Difficulties in obtaining a loan

Although the Internet has made it much easier for many people to get a loan, it is still very difficult for seniors to get a loan or installment loan. The circumstance, why many banks resist against it is also clearly obvious.

Of course, the banks are interested in granting an installment loan, because with the interest the financial institutions earn not bad at it. Of course, some criteria must be met, and the age of the borrower plays a very important and significant role in this regard.

However, many banks show very little interest in granting a loan to an applicant aged 65 and over. Of course, the risk of death is probably the biggest deciding factor here. But not all banks are of this opinion and for this reason offer a loan for pensioners. Here, of course, some other conditions come into play, as with a younger borrower or. Applicant.

The amount of the loan is lower and also the term is shortened with higher rates. Also, the purpose and collateral are not to be underestimated in a pension loan. However, today it is no longer necessary to go to a major bank to apply for a pension loan.

Apply online for a pension loan

On the Internet you can find numerous offers of credit institutions that grant a pensioner a loan without much inquiry. Of course, a loan application with utopian sums will certainly not be paid out here either. A pension loan should be repaid within a very short time and also on the amount of the monthly installments is very much respected.

Applicants can use here the free loan calculator of the institutes and see mostly within fewer seconds whether an application is approved or not. Applicants must do without a personal consultation with the well-known bank adviser of the house bank, but for the most part this does not play a substantial role for many.

How high can a pensioner loan be?

This question is not very easy to answer, because the loan amount depends on individual personal circumstances. Are collateral available (house, car or life insurance) and of course the exact age of the applicant. In normal financial circumstances, a loan amount in the amount of € 5.000,00 for seniors usually no problem. Retirees can thus fulfill a long-awaited wish or dream and let the evening of life end nice and relaxed.

Of course, the credit institution will make sure that the granted amount is repaid in higher monthly installments. A conclusion of a death insurance for the loan amount is a prerequisite here.

Even if it is very difficult to get a pension loan, it is not advisable to sign the contract hastily. Comparison offers should be obtained (not only for pension loans) absolutely.

"Pensioner loan" is, as the term suggests, the loan for pensioners. Pensioners are people who are no longer employed due to old age and therefore do not have a job, but pensioners still receive a regular income in the form of pension, which is transferred monthly to the account of the pensioner. Often the pension is not enough to afford the dream of a new kitchen or a new TV set. For this reason, many pensioners are dependent on the loan. In this article, we would like to tell all those interested in the pensioner loan, how to apply for a pensioner loan and share other useful information.

Why many banks do not want to grant a pensioner loan?

To date, it has not been easy for pensioners to obtain a pensioner loan. In most cases, banks justify their caution on the grounds that pensioners have a much higher risk of disease or. Death risk to other people have. The banks fear the danger of private insolvency of the borrower, because it can happen that he falls ill or must be cared for and can no longer repay his loan.

For this problem, however, there is a residual debt insurance, which can eliminate this problem. The residual debt insurance secures the loan amount, and if the borrower falls ill or dies, the residual debt insurance pays the remaining amount to the bank.

Despite the residual debt insurance, there are banks that do not want to approve loans for pensioners. Some banks also charge much higher interest rates or loan terms are shortened. Thus, taking out a loan is not simplified for retirees or. simply designed.

Pensioners as borrowers are given much worse conditions than other borrowers, which makes taking out a loan for pensioners less attractive.

How to increase the chances of getting a pensioner loan?

The answer to this question is certainly a spotless Schufa information. Furthermore, some banks want from the pensioners a proof of regular pension income in a monthly amount of 1.000 euros and other collateral. If these aspects mentioned above are met, pensioners have a much higher chance of getting the pensioner loan.

In almost every case the pensioner has to show a pension certificate as well as documents, which show the livelihood. In addition, if pensioners have other sources of income, they must present them to the bank and claim them.

If all the above basic requirements are not met, it is almost impossible to get a pensioner loan from a bank. Therefore, before you go to a financial institution, you should consider whether you meet these basic requirements or not. But asking the bank costs nothing, and if you do not meet the above basic requirements, it may still be that you get a pensioner loan.

Other possible pitfalls

Furthermore, the higher the year of life, the more difficult it becomes. There are much better chances in your mid-60s than in your late 70s. But you should not hang your head, because nowadays there are financial institutions that offer loans to pensioners up to 79%. Granting a loan up to the age of 50. From therefore one should inform oneself with the selected bank about it, up to which year of life one can take out a credit.

This can vary from bank to bank and you can not apply the possible age of borrowing to every bank.

How to apply for a loan?

Nowadays you can apply for a loan online, because it is much easier than going to a bank. Many banks also no longer have branches and operate everything online. For many retirees such a thing is out of the question, because retirees are often not well versed in the internet, and then need help from relatives or friends. Therefore, it is often advisable to go to a bank that has branches, where you can make an appointment and discuss your credit situation with the advisor.

If one has chosen a bank and it has an open branch in the city, one can go there and get an appointment. At this appointment you will be assigned a consultant. At the appointment you usually have to bring your identity card, salary statement (for pensioners pension statement), if you have other sources of income, you also have to bring the statement.

The consultant will copy all the documents and fill out the loan application with the borrower. In the end, the borrower signs the accuracy of the data provided and the consultant keeps the copies and the loan application until this (depending on the bank 1. Week long) is processed. After that, you will be notified by mail whether the loan application has been approved or not.

If the loan application was approved, after a few days you will receive the desired loan amount credited to the specified bank account. Furthermore, you have to keep the monthly agreed installments and pay them on time.


If you are slowly approaching retirement age or are already a pensioner and are considering applying for a pensioner loan, you should do so without delay. You should not wait until late in life because, as mentioned above, banks are reluctant to lend to you when you are in your mid or late 70s. If you apply for the loan in your mid-60s, you have much higher chances to get a loan.

Furthermore, you should make sure that you have a spotless Schufa, so that you really get the loan approved. To be on the safe side, check with your in-house bank to see what conditions they have for retirees.