More young adults see generations digging in, survey says

The corona pandemic in Switzerland is subsiding, at the same time the satisfaction of those over 35 is rising. It's a different story for younger generations.

The corona pandemic in Switzerland is subsiding, while at the same time satisfaction among the over-35s is on the rise. It's a different story for younger generations.

The corona pandemic in Switzerland is leveling off, at the same time that satisfaction among those over 35 is on the rise. The situation is different for younger generations.

After Covid pandemic subsides, Swiss satisfaction rises above 35.the radio and television of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland RSI.Switzerland is proud of the punctuality of its trains.Michael Flugger, speaking to French-language television RTS on Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, the crisis period is leaving scars on so-called Generation Z.According to a representative barometer, they see a rift between the generations.Its press service published a video that could be a covert criticism of the Russian military high command.After the -pandemic has subsided, satisfaction has risen again in the Swiss population, according to a survey.The Swiss train network is reliable, but trains are not equally punctual on all routes.Over-35s in particular were happier in 2022 than a year earlier.01.By contrast, satisfaction continued to fall among younger respondents." Gepard tank: Switzerland refuses to deliver ammunition to Ukraine Switzerland has banned Germany from continuing to deliver its ammunition for the Gepard tank to Ukraine.

The so-called Generation Z – the 18- to 25-year-olds – are particularly pessimistic about the future, according to the Generation Barometer 2023 published on Wednesday.The private military unit is said to be linked to the Russian Defense Ministry and the GRU military intelligence service.In almost 85 percent of cases, this train did not keep its promise last year.As recently as 2021, 43 percent of them were (somewhat) positive about the future; by 2022, that number was down to 19 percent.Young adults reportedly felt increasingly discriminated against in the workforce.Brigade of Russian airborne special forces, knows RSI.They also complained of a lack of future prospects and felt they were not sufficiently understood.In the top ten of the trains with the longest delays, the RE7 appears three times.More than half of 18- to 25-year-olds in the survey thought there was a generation gap in Switzerland.This is how the mercenaries came to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant via Belarus at the beginning of the war, he said.about a week ago, the National Council's Security Policy Committee (SiK-N) called for Swiss weapons to be allowed to be transferred to belligerent states under certain circumstances.

Earlier surveys did not show such dissatisfaction with the balance between the two generations.The gap between rich and poor is also seen as widening The representative barometer, conducted in collaboration with the Sotomo research institute, was surveyed for the third time in 2022, after 2020 and 2021.This is how brutally the Wagner group burns Russian convicts Where the secret shadow army gets some of its money from has meanwhile been revealed by the Russian anti-corruption website gulagu.Delays would have a variety of reasons and, especially on busy routes, could be transferred to following trains or even from long-distance to regional traffic.Responses from 2787 people from the period 21.According to RSI, a deputy commander of Redut-Antiterror with the cover name "Salekh" candidly stated that the oligarch Oleg Deripaska finances the unit.November.The Munich-Zurich Eurocity is a nuisance for commuters While the RE7 is only on Swiss rails for a very short time and should play a minor role for commuters, the Eurocity connection from Munich to Zurich is also a nuisance for traffic within Switzerland.With material from the news agency Keystone-SDA Most read.

Is there a gap between old and young? 44% Yes, there are very different attitudes here." Deripaska, who is said to be close to the Russian president, had criticized the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year in strong terms.1 Yes, there are very different attitudes.56% No, no more than before.Oleg Deripaska (on the right in a picture from 2008) is considered one of the richest Russians and a confidant of Vladimir Putin.In the top ten most frequently delayed trains, this EC appears four times, as does RE7.2 No, no more than before.The biggest sociopolitical fault line in Switzerland, according to respondents, was the gap between rich and poor..

2021 it was temporarily the.The difference in terminus is due to the fact that until mid-April not all connections ran on the entire route.

The trace of a mercenary gang also leads to SwitzerlandIn addition to the Wagner group, other Russian private armies are fighting in Ukraine. One of them is said to be financed by an oligarch who also does business in Switzerland.

Switzerland's most unpunctual trains: On these lines, waiting is the normOn some lines in the Swiss train network, waiting is the norm. A large evaluation of CH Media on all connections in the past year shows when travelers almost certainly do not arrive on time at their destination.

If Switzerland does not change its mind, Scholz wants to buy elsewhereSwitzerland continues to block the transfer of war material to Ukraine by other countries. Germany is therefore considering buying elsewhere, says Berlin's ambassador in Bern.

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Switzerland takes steps backward in fight against corruptionSwitzerland again made no progress in fighting corruption in the public sector last year. In its latest report, Transparency International criticizes, among other things, "widespread nepotism".

More expensive mortgages: cost of home ownership in Switzerland rises by more than halfHome ownership has become more expensive again in 2022. Rising mortgage rates have caused the cost of a house to skyrocket.