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What Makes HostSailor VPS Hosting An Attractive Service

HostSailor is a web hosting service provider. It offers many different services, including VPS hosting. This is a scalable service, meaning it can also get bigger as your site grows. It involves running websites on virtualized servers. The physical server of the web host is split into a number of virtual servers using technologies such as KVM, XEN, and OpenVZ. This way, each website on the physical server may have dedicated resources for it according to how the web host offers the service.

A server that relies on dedicated resources will possibly be unaffected by the so-called ‘bad neighbor effect’. In this situation, a website on a shared web server has considerable incoming traffic, so it uses more computing resources of the physical system. This negatively affects every other website on the server too. It usually happens in a shared hosting environment. However, it is possible to deal with the situation with powerful computing resources that web hosts such as HostSailor offer.

Nevertheless, it will not affect any website on the virtual machines of the company. So when you want to upgrade from shared hosting, its VPS hosting might just be a suitable option for you. It will give extra computing power to operate your site and web applications, plus the option to set up further apps and change these to suit your needs. The company lets you choose more memory and storage for that website accordingly. For instance, you can scale it up when your website sees an uptick in traffic or it has to run intricate web applications.

You also have the option to obtain add-ons, like cPanel, more IP addresses, and further bandwidth, for the hosting service of the provider. The IPv6 and IPv4-enabled web servers of it operate quickly, enabling you to have the sort of website performance you require, to manage significant traffic.

The VPS hosting plans have competitive prices and the sort of features that do not compromise your site’s overall performance. Another notable aspect of the web host is that it does not need clients to sign any agreement. So it suits a client who wishes not to make any commitment with their web host.

Another feature that makes it one of the best VPS hosting providers is that it offers technical support all day and all night. So you can communicate with its support personnel regarding any server issue whenever required.

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