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Common Cartridge Problems In Printers

Printer Problems

Printer Problems

One can generally find three types of printers that are presently popular. They are Dot matrix, Inkjet and Laserjet printers- of which the first one is rarely used nowadays. Most of the printer problems from the other two categories are related to the ink and thus, we shall discuss here the most common problems associated with the cartridges.

  1. Cartridge ‘Not Recognised’

One of the common problems people generally experience is that the printer says ‘not recognized’ when a new cartridge is installed. Mostly removing and reinstalling it should work, if not, it might have a bad chip inside. In this scenario, one can get a replacement of the cartridge from the shop where you purchased it.

  1. Slow Printing

One may find the printer is very slow due to high-quality printing. If the requirement can be compromised with an inferior quality print this can be overcome. This can be achieved by switching to the draft-printing mode in the printer setting that reduces print quality.

  1. Clogged Print Heads

If your printer is unused for some time or the cartridge is from a third party, you may not get a good print. Sometimes, you might get a blank print that makes you wonder- why my printer is not printing? This can be solved if you choose a cleaning cycle from the printer menu for clearing a blockage to the print heads. In the case of a combined color cartridge of three colors, it’s not worth cleaning the head or replacing it since it is very expensive. It is cheaper to buy a new printer.

  1. Lined Images

    My Printer Is Not Printing

    My Printer Is Not Printing

If at all the printer nozzles are working fine and the paper is also checked, you may still have a problem with the image. This mostly happens when the cartridge is running low on ink or toner. When we talk about common printer problems and their solutions, lines or splotches are generally the first signs of low ink or toner. You need to replace the cartridge with a new one or refill it in order to have a hassle-free printing.

  1. Leaking Of Ink Cartridges

Printers may not work well if there is a leak in the cartridge- which might go unnoticed sometimes. Mostly the cartridge may not have a good seal and it may leak which can be solved by removing and wiping the contact chip before putting it back into the cartridge.

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