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Common Printer Issues and Troubleshooting Them

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Common Printer Issues

Printers can be complex devices to work with, and can sometimes serve up issues you have no idea how to fix. All-in-one home printers are the most notorious of the lot, and it is not uncommon for a user to grow frustrated enough to hurl a printer out the window.

Fixing the Issues

It does more good troubleshooting printer problems than wallowing in them. Following are the top issues with all-in-one printers, and tips on how to fix them.

Wireless Connectivity Problems

Most times, the problem comes down to your computer and printer not being connected properly. Let us check out the basic fix for this. Restart both machines, and update the drivers you have installed. If that does not work, delete the printer from the laptop, and then add it again. This is often enough to fix the problem.

If the above fix did not work, then check the router. Sometimes it may be trying to keep you safe from unauthorized wireless connections. Check if you have a WPS connection button on the router, and if there is one, press it so that the router takes a break and lets your devices connect.

Ink Problems

Home Printers

Wireless Connectivity Problems

Three main issues can occur with the ink: it van dry up, run out too fast, or cost too much. Most modern inkjet printers come with built-in routines to ensure that the ink cartridges stay in good shape, but for that to work, you will need to leave the printer on at all times. Some printer models use more ink during maintenance, and that can be a problem as well.

To save ink, print no more than the quality you require for a specific job. For example, while printing plain black text, take the setting down to Draft in the printer pop-up window. Choose Grayscale or Black & White if you are not going to be printing an image. When buying ink, it might be better to go with aftermarket ink wherever possible. You should also have the right printer for the job, as well as use right refill or ink subscription services for the needs you have.

Paper Jam Troubles

Jams can be extremely frustrating, and more often than not, have to do with the paper you are using. See what the manufacturer recommendation is, and do not mix two brands of paper in the same tray. Additionally, fan out the sheets before you stick them in the printer, so that they do not stick to their neighbors.

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