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Easy Printer Care Solutions

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Printers are those computer peripherals that need frequent care and attention. We worry about such a useful machine only when it breaks down or runs out of any consumables. The printer is one such device. Troubleshooting printer issues might be time-consuming and cost a lot. Therefore it is better to take precautions.

How To Maintain Your Printer?

You need to read the maintenance instructions before using the printer. It will help you gain a fair amount of knowledge on the product’s maintenance while using it. Or else, you can go through the instruction manual on the printer’s website whenever required.

Here are a few points that will help maintain your printer.

Update The Printer Software

Always watch out for any notification on the computer screen regarding the printer. One should not ignore any message regarding the availability of new updates, which normally does not cost much data or time. The update will help the printer perform optimally by fixing bugs if any are present. Also, it may improve its present performance.

Paper Jams 

One of the frequent and common problems a printer user faces is a paper jam. Once a paper gets jammed, it should not be pulled in a hurry from where it is stuck as it may damage the paper spool and cost a lot.  Most of the latest printers are capable of ejecting jammed papers on their own. If your printer doesn’t have that feature, you can open the doors of the paper compartment and pull the paper from the exit side, so that it will not get stuck inside and cause any damage to the printer.

Cartridge Cleaning

In the case of an inkjet printer, you will face problems such as inferior print quality. This can mostly be fixed by cleaning the cartridge from your computer itself. Do not clean the printer head as it may get damaged.

Printer Cleaning

All printers need frequent cleaning to keep it functional. You can clean the exterior side every time you use the printer. A piece of damp cloth is enough to dust it and sometimes, use a little bit of alcohol to remove stains. Do remember not to use water.

Also for the insides of the printer, you can open the printer hatch and clean the gears and rollers after removing the cartridge. Or if you find it difficult to open it, use a vacuum cleaner to perform the same.


Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

One should place the printer in such a place where dust, sunlight, moisture, etc are minimal. This will save the machine from getting damaged and perform well. The power supply should be stable to save the electrical part of it from damages. Proper printer maintenance can be achieved if you maintain cleanliness and care when the machine is in use.

Prevent wasting your time on troubleshooting printer problems and think smart by regularly maintaining your printer.

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