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Finding Drivers for your Printer

Printer Driver Issues

Common Printer Issues

It can be tough when you cannot seem to find the software that makes your printer do what it’s supposed to. There are ways to work around a printer driver error, however, and that includes getting the right drivers from the manufacturer, getting it from another source, or even skipping it for something else.

Double Check the Documentation

Maybe the trouble you’re facing has to do with finding the right link on the internet for the drivers you need, although most manufacturers make sure theirs are easily accessible to customers. That said, knowing the right place to look can confuse you to bits. Take a step back and re-browse the user manual and the quick start guide for more info, and don’t forget to check any other documentation as well if that doesn’t help. What you are looking for is a URL, and maybe it’s going to be in the shortened format.

Check the Support Pages

If you cannot find a URL or a link available in any of the places mentioned above, then move on to the support pages which the manufacturing company maintains online. Plenty of manufacturers including Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP make sure to keep their support pages updated with the latest drivers for supported printer models.

Hunting Down the Drivers Online

Printer Driver Error

Manufacturer Support Pages

Support pages may not always come up with what you went to them for, and manufacturer’s tools used for searching by model may not work as well as you need them. In such cases, searching online may be your only go at landing the exact driver for your printer. If you haven’t tried this before, here is how to do it properly: type in the specific model name, and include “driver”, plus the operating system that you need the driver for.

Ask the Company for the Driver

If searching nets nothing, it may be possible to get something by reaching out to the company. See if your printer’s manufacturer offers chat-based support, and if not, get in touch via email or phone, citing exactly what it is that you want from them. Oftentimes this works, while in others it doesn’t.

If all of the above methods fail to get you the exact driver software that you need, then you can try using a generic print driver. For help with that, or if you see any other printer driver issues, you can get in touch with a certified printer technician by getting in touch with us over phone or email.

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