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How To Fix Printer Offline Error After Power Outage?

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Printers are prone to errors or issues and many of them can be easily fixed at home with simple troubleshooting. Usually the manufacturers provide detailed guidelines to troubleshooting printer issues in the manual that is provided with the device. In certain cases you can access their official website and download the guidelines or search for it online by entering the printer error code. In situations where you cannot fix them yourself, it is better to take it to the authorised service centre. Shared below are details on how to fix the printer issues after a power outage; read ahead to know more.

Printer Offline Error After Power Outage

Option 1

If you have a wireless printer, it is common that the printer is offline after a power outage as it disrupts the connection. In this situation, you can begin by restarting the wireless router and this should reset the router. After the resetting of wireless router, the network will reboot and the wireless printer should be back online. In normal cases this should work and it should be the first thing that you should try before any other options.

Option 2

If rebooting the network didn’t fix the printer offline issue, then it could be an issue with the network settings and you should try reconfiguring it. This can be because it got reconfigured you being unaware and is common if there are multiple printer users.

Printer Offline Error

Printer Offline Error

To reconfigure the printer, find the printer Control Panel and in it click on Network Setup. Now, select Restore Network Settings and select Yes in the confirmation window. After this, print the configuration page, check it to confirm that the network settings have been restored to default and then Restart the printer. After Restarting the printer, go to the printers control panel and navigate to Settings. In it select Wireless Setting option, this opens a new window and in it tap on Wi-Fi Protected Setup option or Wireless Setup Wizard, follow the instructions and finish the process. Once you have completed the above steps try reconnecting the printer to the wireless network and see if it is online.

Option 3

If the previous option didn’t workout, then you should try disabling the SNM protocol. To do this, open the Control Panel, select Devices and Printers, locate your printer and right click on it. In the list, click Printer properties; in the window that appears next select the Ports tab and click on Configure Port. Then, locate SNM Status Enabled and uncheck it, click OK and exit. Now SNM protocol is disabled and check if the printer is back online.

These are some of the solutions to fix printer offline error and check if it works normally.

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