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How To Resolve Connectivity Issues Of A Wi-Fi Printer

Turn A Printer Online

Turn A Printer Online

The emergence of Wi-Fi printers was a relief for many people because it helped to connect to printing devices without a cable or a Bluetooth connection. It allowed any person connected to a Wi-Fi network to connect and use the printers connected to the same network with a few easy steps. However, some people have reported that it is not effective as it shows a printer offline message even if the printer is turned on and connected. A few easy methods to solve this issue and to turn a printer online are as follows.

Restart The Devices

Restarting is the easiest and effective method to solve the issue of any electronic device. If you are having trouble in using the printer or if it is showing an offline message while connecting, try restarting the printer. If the problem is not resolved, try restarting all the devices such as the Wi-Fi router and the computer. While restarting, the devices will remove all the crashed and modified data from its memory and may allow you to use the same properly.

Run Troubleshoot

Every operating system will have inbuilt troubleshooting software. If your printer is not working, try the printer troubleshoot option because it might find the error automatically and will work to resolve the same. If you are using a Windows operating system, you can find the troubleshooting window in the control panel under the heading hardware and sound. You can also access the troubleshooting menu by right-clicking the printer icon and choosing the troubleshoot option.

Router Setting

A Wi-Fi printer may malfunction if there is any change in the router settings. The computer system will fail to recognize the printer connected to a Wi-Fi router if it is not configured properly. This happens usually when you use a new router. You can check the router setting by entering the IP address of the router in the URL tab of any browser. After accessing the router settings, adjust the wireless and security settings to default for its proper functioning.

Software Update

Fix Printer Issues

Fix Printer Issues

To remove the bugs and also to make it more user friendly, the printer companies constantly update their supporting software. Therefore, if you are having trouble connecting to a printer, check whether there are any updates available to its software.

The above mentioned are a few simple tips to fix your wireless printer. If none of this works, it is better to seek authorized technical assistance without wasting your time.

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