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How To Troubleshoot Printer Paper Jam?

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Paper jams are a very common issue with almost all types of printers and there is no way you can totally avoid it. Whatever type of printer be it may either an inkjet or a laser jet, it will happen one time or the other. Many times the issue can be fixed at home following simple steps and it is also very much associated with the type of paper holding mechanism. Here we will discuss specifically troubleshooting printer issues, paper jams.

Reasons For Printer Paper Jam

The primary reason for printer paper jam issues is the incorrect loading of the paper. This can be due to sheets of paper sticking together causing abnormal thickness; the paper is frayed or folded as well as the paper tray is overloaded. Also, using the wrong type of paper i.e. wrong dimensions not supported by the particular printer model can cause paper jam. The issue can also be due to damaged rollers that pull the paper sheet from the loading tray. As they are moving parts, over time they develop wear and tear; or mishandling can also cause damage as well.

Paper jam can be due to using low quality paper and they produce flakes or shred inside the printer. Also, using such type of paper produces paper dust and when accumulated over time causes the issue. One of the most overlooked problems is using papers of different quality at the same time. Moreover, low quality or substandard toner or ink cartridges can cause the issue.

How To Find The Cause For Printer Paper Jam?

First you have to turn off the device and open the door leading to the paper path. Make sure to work in the direction of the paper path, as working against it will create tears and paper shards. Pull the paper firmly in the direction of normal operation, but carefully and slowly to avoid breakage of internal components. After you remove the paper, close the door and turn on the printer to check if there is any paper jam still. If there is still a complaint then call for the service centre.

How To Avoid Printer Paper Jam?

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Make sure to load the paper correctly into the loading tray and when reloading avoid overloading it. Also, see to it that you use paper sheets of the recommended dimensions, good paper quality and same type of papers during a printing session. Run regular cleaning cycles so that the paper pathway remains clean. Also, frequently check for debris inside the printer to prevent any paper jam issue.

Following the above step can help in troubleshooting printer problems due to paper jams.

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