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Some Common Canon Printer Issue Solutions

Canon Printer Drivers

Canon Printer Drivers

If you are looking for Canon printer repair or quick fixes then you have come to the right place. We will be discussing how to fix a couple of problems that come across a Canon printer. Some of the very common issues are the printer going offline, printer not responding, paper jams etc and there are other problems as well. Shared below are some of the common ways to fix Canon printer issues.

Canon Printer Basic Troubleshooting

You begin by checking whether the cables are connected correctly or in the case of a wireless printer, check whether it is connected to the wireless network.

Set The Printer As Default Printer

In normal cases the computer will assign default printer status to the connected printer. But, in some situations this status will be changed, and in that case you should select the correct device in the program that you use for printing. This can also cause the printer to get stuck and you have to clear all the print jobs. This is done by opening the printer menu and selecting the option “Open as Administrator”. Now, open the printer menu and select “cancel all documents” and then “Confirm” the action. This clears the print queue and check if the printer is printing properly.

Printer Driver Issue

After the above steps and still it doesn’t print, then update Canon printer drivers to fix the issue. The driver can be updated automatically by Windows 10 or you can download the right type of driver from Canon website and install it manually. This should fix the issue if it is due to outdated printer drivers.

Check Hardware Status

Canon Printer Repair

Canon Printer Repair

If the above steps did not work, then it could be a hardware issue. Check if the printer is out of ink or paper, if there is any paper jam. Replacing the toner cartridge can make it print if it ran out of ink. Even if you don’t use the printer for a long time, it causes the issue of evaporated ink and blocks the spouts. A faulty power outlet can stop the printer from printing.

Other Cause

It can be also due to installing a product or software that has a virtual printer and it becomes the default printer. So, when you give the print command it is assigned this over  the physical printer. So, changing the physical printer to default status in Devices and Printers from the Control panel can resolve the issue.

We hope that these solutions will help to solve your Canon printer issues.

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