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Ways to Solve Common Printing Issues in Excel

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Common Printer Issues

Sometimes, a spreadsheet does not print correctly, maybe because instead of printing in landscape mode, you did it portrait. Maybe an area of the file has not been printed or maybe it took more paper to print than required. No matter what went wrong, the following tips will help you avoid several printing issues in this program. We use Excel 365 for this guide, but almost every piece of advice in it pertains to the earlier two Excel versions too. When you encounter issues in the printout, try doing these steps before the next time you print the spreadsheet.

How to Verify the Orientation

Look at the orientation for that document before printing it. To check landscape, the usual orientation you will need to look at, click on the Page Layout tab, and choose Orientation. Then, check the page margins by choosing Margins next to Orientation. To reduce the total printout count, select the Narrow option, or choose the Custom Margins option and configure the values you want. While at it, leave some space for your margins.

How to Put a Page Break in Place

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Excel Printing Issues

An Excel document with many columns or rows may split at a wrong area after you take a printout of it. To solve this, apply the break. To put a horizontal break, choose the row in which you need that printout to split. To put one that is vertical, choose the whole column. Then, at Page Layout, click on Breaks and choose Insert Page Break. To get rid of it, select the corresponding column or row, click on Breaks, and choose Remove Page Break. In the case you need to get rid of many page breaks, there is an option to Reset these all under the Breaks section.

How to Look At Preview

You see it to get an idea about what the printout will look like. Press Ctrl and F2 keys simultaneously to access the Print mode in which you will be able to preview your document. After that, you can switch between preview pages. When you are done, just click on the top left arrow to go back to the normal view.

How to Set or Clear the Spreadsheet’s Print Area

When the document is printing improperly, setting or removing this area can help fix it. If you have not set the right print area, you would like to remove it. To do that, select Print Area under Page Layout and choose Clear Print Area.

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