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What Are The Most Common Printer Problems?

Common Printer Problems

Common Printer Problems

Computer printers are very common nowadays in offices and homes. Printers can give a number of problems to the user. One need not visit a service centre for many problems as it can be self-managed mostly. However, there are people who are not acquainted with printers and hence, do not even know how to turn printer online. A probable list of the most common printer problems and suggestions for its management is explained below.

  1. Low Ink Warning

It is a very common warning while one uses the printer. The low ink warning comes at a time when the ink is about to get finished. This is a pre-designed warning in order to help you know the ink status and to save the machine from getting damaged if there is no ink in the cartridge.

  1. The Printer Doesn’t Respond

Sometimes there won’t be any warning message at all from the computer before the printer stops working. In that case, one should check whether the printer is still connected. If they are fine, check whether the Wi-Fi is enabled and also the computer is connected to the right network, where the printer is connected. If the problem is still unsolved, follow theprinter’s User Manual or contact tech support.

  1. Paper Get Jammed 

One of the most common printer problems is paper getting jammed inside the printer. It is either because the paper gets stuck in the roller or when more than one sheet is drawn into the printer at the same time. Mostly the paper jam happens because of the alignment of the paper in the tray. One has to open the rear side of the printer and remove the jam by smoothly removing the paper stuck inside and clear the path.

  1. Ghost Print

    How To Turn Printer Online

    How To Turn Printer Online

This is a common printing problem where the superimposed image of a previous image is visible in the next print. This is referred to as ghosting in the printing industry and happens especially with old printers. It is most likely related to some hardware problem when the ink kit of the printer or its drum is bad due to wear and tear. A service technician can solve this issue by replacing the damaged parts.

  1. Poor print quality

If the cartridge is not from the same OEM, one can get a poor print. Also in the case of a multicolor printer, if one of its cartridges is almost empty, it can lead to colour deviations and bad prints. There may be a problem with the nozzle of the inkjet printer cartridge, which can be rectified by cleaning the cartridge nozzle, through the printer setting.

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